4 Jun 2019

Decoding unknown territories

The problems of the twenty first century are cultural not algorithmic

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2 Jun 2019

Analytical thinking in groups

Not to criticise each others’ idea is an admonition as it may cause evaluation apprehension

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30 May 2019

Marriage between sciences

If the hammer is your only tool then all problems will look like nails. A reflection of why I went breadth first instead of depth in my career.

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1 May 2019

Life in early-stage startups

Founders and engineers in early stage startups have a rough life. I've been part of several early stage startups. Here's what I've learned...

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30 Apr 2019

UBI and automation

The robots are here to take our jobs. What happens next? An opinion piece I wrote for user view magazine.

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25 Apr 2019

Hello world from Tokyo

Eventhough the world never says hello back

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